September 28th to December 30th



If you already are a Rolear customer,  power up with a new Energy until 30 December 2020.


Don't miss this exclusive offer for Rolear propane gas customers: 30€ discount when joining Electricity supply.




* Exclusive for customers Rolear with propane gas supply.

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Condições da campanha

ROLEAR - Automatizações, Estudos e Representações, S.A., electricity supplier in the liberalised energy market, through its trademark ROLEAR VIVA, offers its propane gas customers with active contracts, the following special conditions when contracting electricity supply:​

  • A € 30.00 (thirty euros) discount, applied to the seventh invoice issued after the execution of the electricity supply contract. The amount of the discount cannot be converted into cash;
  • If the amount of the seventh invoice is under € 30.00 (thirty euros), the discount will be applied on the following invoice or invoices, up to the referred total amount;
  • The discount is applied to the global amount issued on the invoice and includes 23% VAT, according to the legal rate;
  • For each propane gas contract, its holder can execute an electricity supply contract referring to the same address, and take advantage of the discount stated in this campaign;
  • This promotional campaign is valid from September 28th to December 30th, 2020, and is not cumulative with other offers or promotions; this campaign may be suspended, cancelled or modified, in whole or in part, without prior notice.

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