Propane gas is the most economical solution for anyone who uses large amounts of gas, ensuring energy savings and low maintenance costs.

In addition to enabling greater efficiency, propane gas is also a clean, chemically stable, and non-corrosive energy source. Unlike other fuels, it does not release odors or toxic fumes, respecting the environment. It also has a high calorific value compared to other gas types, allowing for reduced energy consumption.


Because each customer is unique, we seek together the best solution, adapted to the specific needs.

New construction projects


If you are starting a construction project, we can collaborate on the design and implementation of storage infrastructure and gas networks



Unlike other fuels, propane has a high calorific value, making it suitable for high-consumption customers

Commerce and services


Propane gas significantly contributes to the increased lifespan of combustion equipment.



Ideal for high consumption, propane gas enables greater resource efficiency, ensuring that the business never stops

Tanques Rolegás


To prevent any impact on the surrounding landscape, we provide various gas tank solutions that ensure both comfort and safety without any interference with the surrounding space.

- Surface-mounted
- Buried
- Semi-buried
- Customized installation tailored to your needs

Rebastecimento  Rolegás


Don't worry about gas tank refueling.

We ensure automatic refills and provide a telemetry service from Rolegás that remotely monitors gas levels in tanks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Discover how much you can save.

Piped propane gas offers several advantages for those with high consumption. 

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