Advantages of Propane Gas

The calorific value of propane gas is higher than that of other types of gas, which allows energy consumption to be reduced. 

Consequently, propane gas is the ideal solutions for anyone who consumes large amounts of gas, since it guarantees energy savings and low maintenance costs.

With propane gas you can cook faster and more efficiently.

The use of propane gas helps boost the performance of your burning equipment, resulting in a longer useful lifetime.

As a clean energy source, propane gas does not contaminate soil or water and it helps reduce the emission of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. 


Uses of Propane Gas 

Propane gas is used both for domestic consumption, mainly for cooking and heating, and also for professional uses in hotels and restaurants, industry and services.

Propane gas

Propane (C3H8) is an aliphatic hydrocarbon of fossil origin and, at room temperature and pressure, is in the gaseous state.

It is an odourless, colourless and flammable gas used for domestic and industrial purposes.  


Where propane gas comes from and how it reaches us 

 Propane gas is obtained by refining oil or extracting it from natural gas, followed by storage, transport and distribution operations. 


Rolegás distributes propane gas to its customers in two ways: 

- In piped distribution networks, supplied from tanks installed in LPG parks, located close to the areas where consumption is concentrated, e.g. housing developments and condominiums.  The distribution networks are connected to consumption points via branches, with individual meters installed for each customer on the network to measure their consumption.

- In bulk, by means of tanker lorries, to high-consumption customers with dedicated LPG stores.



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