What to do if you detect a gas leak

Butane and propane gas have a special product added to give it a characteristic odor.

If you smell gas, please proceed as follows:

1. Extinguish all flames immediately.
2. Do not switch electric switches or circuit breakers on or off;
3. Turn the safety valve handle to the closed;
4. Air the room by opening doors and windows;
5. Contact Rolegás  emergency on-call number immediately, indicating the location of the installation.




1. Light the match first and open the tap the gas device afterwards.
2. Do not leave the room without checking that there is no risk of the burners going out because of liquid spilling on to them or because of draughts.
3. Gas water heaters or cookers should be installed by qualified personnel under the terms of Article 8 of Decree-Law 97/2017, dated August 10th..
4. As provided for by law (Section IV of Decree-Law 97/2027, dated August 10th) gas installations must be inspected by an inspection body, which will issue the corresponding Declaration of Conformity. 
5.  It is recommended that the inspections mentioned in number 4 above, are carried out periodically, every 5 years for residential installations, and every 3 years for other situations, or whenever there is any supicion that something could be amiss.

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